I have received a small amount of training in Javascript and HTML through university courses. Most of my computer science classes, though, have focused on object-oriented design and algorithms using C++ and Java. My other classes have involved databases (SQL), document design, and usability. I've also been independently learning about PHP, CSS, MySQL, and other web technologies, as well as generally what makes a site good. Some of my projects are listed below.


Freeware Chronicles This was my first real effort put into a site. It included a custom-skinned forum shamelessly using phpBB3. The forum part is currently down, not that it was terribly popular. It's a simple fix, but spam control is easier without fixing it.


Triangle Recycling This site was project I started for a local business, initially just as practice. I had started developing it more seriously after contacting them, but eventually my contact found another opportunity, and the project is now extinct. Behind a password authentication was a sales management database system using MySQL. Fun stuff.


Charlotte's Memories This is a work in progress for a friend of mine who does fabulous photography. I really need to complete the project. Anyway, it uses account authentication for clients and has PHP server-side image processing for resizing and stamping. The galleries automatically import pictures from corresponding directories, build thumbnails when necessary, and purge unnecessary thumbnails.


Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Camp This site contains some database-driven content. The checkout system uses an In-Tents-designed PHP shopping cart and exports to Google Checkout. I continue to maintain the site when requested.


Granite City Pond Hockey A site built on a short timeline. It borrowed the template from the new Starz site.

L2 Email Crawl

L2 Email Crawl I designed this tool to store incident forwarding emails into a databse. It was used to track where incidents had been previously assigned. I moved to another job before I saw its widespread use. I kind of wonder what became of it after I made it live. It implements a crude fuzzy (approximate) search.

Suggestion Box

This is a simple tool I wrote to submit anonymous suggestions through email. I launched it as a suggestion box.


You are on this site. The template is stolen from freewarechronicles.com because it's pretty and time is tight.