Though I'm a software developer, I strayed a bit and got a minor in Rhetorical and Applied Writing. I've actually been a bit of a writer for most of my life, and I took to copy editing in high school. In fact, in my senior year I won a first place trophy in a copy editing and headline writing competion! (I should admit, it was the novice group, not the higher one.) I still make flubs here and there, but my communication attempts are typically effective. My specialty is in technical writing, getting straight to the point and describing details concisely, but my style is usually more verbose. As such, I often tend toward comedy or fiction.

Find the Box

For this project, a colleague and I designed an algorithm to locate a cardboard box in a bitmap image.

Acronyms as a Rhetorical Force

This paper is an analysis of the rhetoric of acronyms. (With a title like that, what a surprise, right?)